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Dryden Search is now established as a leading partner to some of the world’s most high profile executive search firms. Joining our firm offers you complete flexibility in the workplace, at all levels.


Our internship programme is designed to ensure students can fit working practices around their studies. You choose the hours you can commit to, and we will tailor specific research tasks and training accordingly every month. We offer a highly competitive bonus scheme designed to ensure you have the opportunity to make additional income every month. This is both individually and as a team. Our 2023 scheme is now closed, but applications to start in September 2024 are open. 


For more experienced recruiters, our business model accommodates part-time and full-time delivery consultants and senior researchers. There is no need for business development. We understand that you might have additional priorities during the day, therefore, our working hours and practices are flexible.


For anyone interested in coming to London, we have access to a members club that provides a co-working space, club lounge, gym and restaurant facilities. Equally, we offer a fully remote platform and the opportunity to meet up every month/quarter.

We are currently interested in:
  • Internship Associate  |  Open on location / Start date
  • Researcher or Delivery consultant  |   Open on location

Please reach out directly to Daniel Flynn (df@drydensearch.com)  or Daniel Close (dc@drydensearch.com) for further details or a confidential discussion. 



Working for Dryden has allowed me to balance both my studies and work seamlessly. In a completely remote, part-time role the flexibility to work where I want and prioritise university deadlines when necessary has been invaluable to both my academic and professional life. Both Dan and Daniel are incredibly supportive of pursuits outside of Dryden and see personal development as the most important factor. In turn I have found this support, and ease of working, to be highly motivating.

Oliver Brown

Research Associate (Intern)

With academic and sporting commitments already taking up so much of my free time, I never thought I would be able to fit in a job whilst at university. But the flexibility offered by Dryden Search has allowed me to choose my own hours, enabling me to work a part-time job on top of my studies. Specialising in Life Sciences has begun to bridge the gap between my degree and real life applications, giving me more motivation and purpose whilst studying. Working with such an exuberant team makes working at Dryden Search an enjoyable, fulfilling experience and a great addition to my standard university schedule.

Emily Davies

Research Associate (intern)

CONTACT: Daniel Flynn, Managing Partner, 07900 803795   |   Daniel Close, Managing Partner, 07377420429   |   EMAIL: dc@drydensearch.com